Friday, February 5, 2010


Been more than an year since I set up a blogger account, but never actually kicked it off. It was always going to be cricket related so here goes my first post. Probably just a brief intro about me:
My love for cricket probably started from 91/92 World Cup and the passion kicked in after the 93 Hero Cup victory. The semi-final also made me a huge fan of the Tendulkar, and gave him top place in my cricketing heroes which will never be replaced.

As to my own cricketing skills, I am an average leg-spinner capable of a magic ball now and then which has yet to get me a wicket. I might also bowl gentle medium seam-up. My batting though not in Chris Martin league, but is nothing to say much about. I can survive for some time at the wicket and score at snail's pace usually. True defensive lower order bat.

Thats enough about me. Future posts will be cover some cricket topic, hopefully make a point which might sometimes even be deep but usually fairly light. Deep Cover Point also happens to be a useful fielding position for me especially if I am not landing my leggies right :P